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Ilum Studios

Wonderland Candle

Wonderland Candle

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Blossoming snowdrops line the path with soft berry nuances as you follow the scent of crisp and cool peppermint. In the distance, enchanted forests, serene mountaintops and ivory castles await to be discovered. 

It matters not where the path takes you — come and experience the magic of Wonderland!

Notes: Sparkling Snow, Glacier Water, Snowdrop Blossom, Winter Gooseberry, Crisp Peppermint, Cashmere, Karmawood, Lavender Mint, White Cedar

Scent Profile: Fresh, Icy, Clean (with hints of florals and berries to add a little whimsy)
Throw: Medium

Available in 3.5oz frosted mini jars and 7oz white candle jars.

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