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Ilum Studios

December Candle

December Candle

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As the temperature drops, the cool morning air is filled with the cozy aromas of espresso, freshly-baked pastries, cocoa nibs and french praline as you chill at the cafe. Clink those cups filled with peppermint goodness, 'tis the season to indulge in festivities and traditions, especially when the calories don't count! 

December smells like a cooling, yet warm cup of peppermint mocha topped with chocolate drizzle - a definite Christmas staple.

Notes: A shot of Espresso, Freshly Baked Pastries, Cocoa Nibs, Peppermint Logs, Crushed Candy Cane, French Praline, Tonka Bean

Scent Profile: Coffee aroma with woody, cocoa and minty notes
Throw: Strong

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